Monday, May 23, 2011

Making My House A Home

As a wife and mother my priorities surround making my house a home for my husband and children.

When we bought our first (and current) home I was so excited. I knew it was built in the 1950's and thought surely it would have all sorts of flowers and herbs on the property just waiting for a loving touch. That was such a naive notion! Ha!! There was not a single bulb, bush or flower anywhere. It turns out the home was built by a gentlemen who lived there with his two sons. Apparently he did not have much time to garden.

Our new property was a completely beautiful blank slate. 

We didn't do much the first year as we moved in mid summer but the second year we added a vegetable garden, and some bushes to the front flower beds.

The following year I began my circle garden  with a Butterfly bush (a lovely gift from my cousin) knowing I planned to add to it when I could.
Our first year garden

Last summer my husband bought me fruit trees and Daffodil bulbs. What a joy they were this Spring!

Slowly our property is becoming home outside too. This summer I am planning to put much effort into a few other gardens around our home.  I have been working hard preparing our expanded vegetable garden but I am so ready to start making things pretty too! Last night as I was weeding a large section of my vegetable garden I prioritize my projects for the next few months.

My top three are:
1. I am planning to expand my circle garden. This may be an indefinite ongoing project.

2. My friend Stephanie has kindly offered me some transplants to get my herb garden started. I think I will put it in a semi-shaded area at the corner of my vegetable garden.

3. A small Marian Garden as a place where I can go for a few quite moments for reflection and prayer. I just saw a really wonderful post over at Catholic Icing about this today that was perfect timing and good inspiration.

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  1. Our herb garden is doing better than anything else. I'm working on turning my thumb green. ;-) Thanks for linking!