Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Energized and Inspired

There is something about getting out of my normal element that makes me long for home and renews my energy to work on my list of domestic "want-to-do-list" rather than just a "to-do list" I look to the things that I know will keep home a healthy and interesting place. This week I spent time in nature, with people who motivate me to be a better homekeeper and with time to read inspiring materials that give me more projects for my list. When I pull out that list while on hometime hiatus I also have a chance to review the priorities and refresh my list.

So I look forward to making two new batches of soap, try out some delicious new recipes, and move forward with a few home and garden projects. I hope to share them as I go.

What I realize most is the re-affirmation of my most important calling to make my house a warm, loving, effcient and FUN home! Can't wait to get going on my "Want-to-do-list"!

What is on you "Want to do list"?

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