Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a reminder of just how blessed I am as a daughter to have a godly loving Mother who taught me to love Christ and others. She would (and does) gladly give all she has to others. She is at the very core a Proverbs 31 woman who I aspire to be like. Her calling in life is truly Motherhood.

I also have a Mother-in-law who from the day our families joined eachother (10 years ago! Holy moly) has treated me as her own daughter. We quickly found common loves of crafts, gardening and other things. Even from far away she has always been there when I (our family) needed her. She also raised my husband to be the wonderful man he is today. She is also a loving person who tirelessly works to promote social justice and for others in need. I am blessed to have 2 mothers in my life that I love and respect!

Mother's Day also reminds me of the miracles in my life as 5 years ago it was fairly certain I was unable to have children. This morning my two baby boy were gleefully up at 6:00AM with smiles and hugs! These children have taught me so much, but above all else I have learned what true unconditional love is. I have learned sleep is over-rated haha! I love being a mother and now more than ever appreciate the love, kindness, sacrifices my mothers have made for me. I hope to be half of what these ladies are some.

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