Saturday, January 14, 2012

A New Year - A New Book (or 52 of them)

I have joined a great new challenge this year. My plan is to read a book a week or more. This will be a stretch for me with two little ones running around and a third due to be born Mother's Day weekend.

The reading challenge started at the beginning of the year, so we are finishing week 2!  I love to read more than any other hobby or past time. I tend to be a reader who repeats books from time to time. For me it is like watching my favorite movies over and over. It is good to branch out to new authors and genres. So here goes!

Book 1 of 52
Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish

This book was packed full of thought provoking ideas about how siblings relate to each other and the role that parents play in shaping their relationships. I picked up this book as my second child is getting older and I see a rivalry forming between the two of them. It was recommended to me by a good friend. The book really documents a small focus group that is lead over the course of 12 weeks. The things I liked the most about this book were, it was an easy read for a mom who does not sleep enough. I also liked that the book was not preachy, it was full of examples both script and cartoons modeling idea (and not so idea) interactions between all family members. 

This book had me re-evaluating my own sibling relationships, and talking to my husband about his. I have already put into practice many of the suggestions presented. I highly recommend this book!

Book 2 of 52 
Somewhere Inside by Laura Ling & Lisa Ling

What a compelling story! I found this book to be a page turner, as I learned the details not shared by the U.S. Press while Laura was in captivity. The book tells in detail about how Laura Ling is captured (along with her co-worker Euna, I have her book on my shelf to read soon too) while producing a show highlighting the tragedies of Humanitarian conditions in North Korea and China.  It could easily have been a very heavy book to read but the dialogue in the book goes back and forth between the two sisters. It allows for the reader to take a deep breath from the terrible experience Laura lived during her captivity. Lisa tells of working tirelessly to get her sister home. She contacts everyone and anyone who can help her to get her sister home. You can hear the desperation in both women as they live this nightmare. It is a very sad story, with a very happy ending for the sisters and their family.

Book 3 of 52
Taking Time For Tea by Diana Rosen

Oh how I enjoyed this book. For someone who grew up with a grandmother who stopped for tea twice a day, and developed a love of tea herself, this book itself was like an indulgent cup of comfort. I took time to savor this 75 page book. Each page has new fresh ideas on how to incorporate tea into every celebration. It also has the most beautiful poems, prayers, and ancient quotes that leave your mind in peaceful thought. Diana Rosen has some very creative celebration ideas, and I can see myself adapting them to fit some of my own upcoming celebrations. More than that I learned alot about Tea itself. This book has me wanting to invite friends over to enjoy a cup of tea in one of my grandmother's china cups.

Book 4 of 52

The MacKade Brothers: Devin And Shane by Nora Roberts 
I have long loved Nora Roberts as an Author. I have many of her books on my shelf to pick up on a day that is a "sink into a good romance novel" kind of day. I don't get these moments often. The kids are in bed, and I love to read till the wee hours of the night. Good book as Ms. Roberts is so famous for sharing with her readers.