Monday, April 18, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over, and so does my Vase!

When I moved into my 51 year old house, I was sure that we would have pretty spring flowers in the yard, but I was so wrong. Finally last year I bought myself some bulbs for my birthday and planted them. This Spring they have come up beautifully. Daffodils are my favorite flower above all others. I just love their bright yellow beauty that ushers in Spring and reminds me of the renewal Easter brings.

Andrew now 3 years old, has developed the most generous spirit. He is always looking for ways to give to those he loves. These are the first flowers he has seen in our yard. With the weather turning much nicer lately, and getting our garden started. I am not the only one enjoying my Daffodils.

The boy has more than once come to me with a handful of fresh picked flowers for me with the most adorable grin on his face. I in the meantime and fighting the urge to cringe as I see my flower bed shrink!

For just a moment I am torn, then I realize... I only have a few short years that my little boy will be running in the house with a comical grin giving me flowers.

So my vase runneth over with, freshly picked flowers.
(Daily refreshed)

Rather than scold him, I am giving him hugs and thanking him for his creative generosity. I know there will be a day that I will look at the patch of flowers and wish my boys were still little enough to unknowingly pick mama's flowers because they love me. Yes that day will come entirely too soon.

Yet again instead of mother teaching child, he teaches his mother valuable lessons in accepting generosity.

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