Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How-To Tuesday ~ Clothes Pin Bag

The warm weather is upon us here on the East Coast as we head into the month of May. It is time to start hanging out laundry again. I am starting the year with a fresh clothes pin bag. Here is how I did it! I will add some pictures when I get them uploaded.

1. Find a button up children's shirt (3T or 4T works great)

2. Hand or machine sew the bottom of the shirt together, creating a pocket.

3. Hang on a plastic hanger.

4. Unbutton the shirt when you need to use it, and button it back up when you are done. OR leave it open all the time which is what I do.

Whala! You have a clothes pin bag for cheap or like in my house ~ Free! It stays on my clothes line most of the summer.

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