Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I love all things Tupperware! Really, I do. My husband would like to believe this is just my latest whim, but really it is a love affair with kitchen products that are safe, unbreakable, and timeless.

Today I am testing out my Stack Cooker. I am baking a chocolate cake and topping it with Cinnamon Vanilla Chocolate Frosting. In less than 15 minutes

For convenience today I have my favorite chocolate cake mix, and made it as directed. Then taking my saucy green spatula I poured the batter into my Stack Cooker (lightly sprayed with cooking spray).

I popped it into the microwave on high for 11 minutes. Yes eleven! Long gone are the days of being so behind I have to stop at the grocery store for pre-made desserts on my way to a potluck or picnic!
After 11 minutes, I pulled it out to cool while melting my frosting and adding my Cinnamon-Vanilla spice. Pour over the cake while still hot.

Serve and enjoy!
This is my grandmother's finest china. She had a Stack Cooker for as long as I can remember. I just didn't know how awesome it was until having my own kitchen to cook in. In 15 minutes I was enjoying a cup of tea, eating warm, delicious cake while thinking of her.

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