Monday, June 27, 2011

Tupperware Tuesday - Jam Making Is So Easy!

Andrew helped me pick the Strawberries...

.... and Luke enjoyed eating them!
That seemed like all we could handle for one day so I put the fresh picked strawberries into my trusty Tupperware Fridgesmart container. These containers seriously keep produce about 3 times longer than putting them in the vegetable drawer.

Usually I mash the strawberries but this year I threw them in the chopper.

They came out beautiful and perfect for jam. instead of your whole berries the rough chop allowed the fruit to distribute better than the berries floating to the top.

I then poured them into a post and followed the directions in the box's recipe. When it was ready I poured them into my Freezermates.

 I love these things because they stack neatly and allow me to fit lots more into my Freezer. I also love that they prevent any kind of freezer burn.  Now we will have fresh tasting jam for as long as I can make it last!

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