Friday, June 3, 2011

Naptime Projects

Having two little ones in the house. I often find myself wishing I had a double to get projects done that require the kids to be out of reach. On occasion they will give me a Random Act of Kindness and both nap at the same time.

When that happens I either crawl into bed myself, or jump into action! Today was a jump into action day. I was given a plastic picnic table for the kids. It has been well loved already by another family. I was debating what to do with it...until another friend posted pictures of her table.

My good friend Jenni bought spray paint for plastic, and made her table look new! Her pictures inspired me to do the same.

So as soon as I saw the boys both headed for sleep at the same time, I began to plan! I scrubbed the table while they played after lunch and let it dry in the sun. As soon as they were tucked in their beds. I went to work taping off the different parts. Oh my goodness it was so easy. It is a hot sunny day so it was drying fast which allowed me to put on repeat coats until they were shiny and brand new looking.

I think I am going to spray paint everything I can get my hands on now! Once I was done with the table, I grabbed the Rustoleum spray paint and went to work on my favorite little Bistro dining set. It has been rusting for the past year, and I am so sentimental about this table. It is where many many discussions, plans, and fun was had by Matt and I when we were first married (10 years ago this year *gasp*)

So in less than an hour a table, and dining set lifted to new looking. Next project is to spray paint those chairs in the garage that Matt wanted to throw away. What a fun nap time project!

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