Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting off to a great start for Fall

What is your favorite season? My absolute favorite is Fall. September is my favorite month. It is so full of possibilities. In some ways it is better than January for me. The heat of Summer begins to fade, and the harsh cold of the North East is still a long way off.

I find myself pulling close to home, organizing and spending time in the kitchen. This year brings an added dimension as my first child enters pre-school, so I add educational planning to this season as well.

One very awesome thing I note as I begin this new season is I have stuck with my January resolutions. I have turned my thoughts and efforts to a more frugal and simple way of life. This has taken shape in many ways as I cut and trim my commitments and budget. I have continued to focus on what brings my home and family the most joy.

As fall comes I am looking forward to continuing this focus and blogging about it more. Tee hee haven't been very good about that necessarily.

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