Friday, September 10, 2010

Life with a double stroller

Well life has turned a huge corner. I am officially pushing a double stroller with a 4 week old and a 2.5 year old. Errands with two are an interesting feat of gymnastics, negotiation, compromise and Bribery.

The morning was really no different. Got up, dressed, made a list of errands to run. Put both in the car, and still life feels normal. Until we get into the FIRST store. It takes 5-7 minutes just to get them both hook into the stroller, because I KNOW for certain the 2.5 year old is not going to go into the cart. So I know they will both be hooked in if juggle the stroller.

We make a very quick trip to the items we need to purchase and get to the register in record time. Thanking my lucky stars this stroller has 5-point harnesses!

By the time I am headed to the second errand I am deciding what destinations I will be cutting from the list! We make it through the third errand and leave the last two for another day. What an adventure life really is. I love every moment (even the ones I don't like).

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