Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nesting In Full Force?!

Well I decided to take on the kitchen for some reason today. It is amazing how things get shoved back into corners and forgotten about. The Ziploc plastic lids seem to multiply like litters of kittens down there! How does that happen?! Lets not even speak of the expiration dates on the spices in there!

Rather than one cabinet at a time I decided to re-organize and put things in a more practical order. I pulled everything out so I could see what I had and now as I put it back. The cabinets are starting to look very good. I love the look of a nice open shelves.

One thing that is difficult with kitchens and two adults doing dishes (not that I am complaining) is things get stashed where "they don't belong" so I am going to label the shelves and create an inventory of my special occassion dishes and disposables that are up in the hard to see shelves. The label maker is my friend today.

It seems so refreshing and cleansing to purge in the kitchen. I will sleep well tonight!

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