Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Awesome Meal Planning Find!

I have found the greatest meal planning website. Thanks to my good friend B! I have used several programs both free and for a fee and never come across something as easy and streamlined as this!

Meal Planning Website

Plan to Eat

This site allows you to upload your recipes with the click of a button. You can import a recipe or input your own. Once the recipes are in your recipe book you can drag and drop them into the day you would like to use them. You can save plans according to any theme (holiday, season, budget friendly). With the click of a button you have your shopping list according to the dates you choose, and have the option of keeping track of what is already in your pantry and does not need to be bought to make the recipe. This can be as quick as 15 minutes a week!

One great feature is you can coupon and take advantage of sales as your list can be divided by store each week. It really is an all in one site great for people with no time to sit and spend a lot of time on meals each week.

This has given me the tools to get back on the meal planning band wagon in preparation for the newest addition coming to our family in the summer. It is saving my budget, and helping me keep to my special diet this pregnancy.

I highly recommend this site to everyone!

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