Saturday, May 29, 2010

Frugal vs. Cheap

I saw these two definitions tonight and realized I had never thought about it before.

Frugal - money saving measures that benefit both yourself and others

Cheap - money saving measures that benefit yourself at the expense of others
The last few months I have brainstormed and at times "white knuckled" my way toward better choices for our family. I always have said " I am too cheap to...." you name it when it came to something I was not willing to buy, but I think I will not say this about myself again. There is nothing I love more than sharing what I have, and at times it allows me to save. Just like my last blog post about Laundry soap which I shared 250 loads each with 8 other families while saving a bundle myself!

I have found other mothers to trade children's clothes with and save on having to buy for my son while helping others out with the clothes I have to share. The clothes are returned at the end of each season. A win-win for both mothers who have growing children.

This summer, I been unable to pick from my strawberry patch and there is nothing I love more than the ability to have friends drop by and pick them. I save a bundle in my grocery bill by growing my own produce and in the process bless others with it too.

The list could go on. If I have it to give, I will. It makes me realize that pursuing a more frugal life allows me to connect with those who are most important to me. I think what was a "whim" at the beginning of the year may just be a lifestyle change taking effect.

So my goal for this month is to come up with more creative ways that are frugal and not cheap!

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