Friday, July 1, 2011

Savoring Summer ~ First Fruits

I was able to pick my first vegetables of the year today. Just a few weeks ago I was sure I wouldn't have much of a garden. I was running late in everyway. My seeds never took (not one of them) and then getting the garden plowed by a kind neighbor was wonderful but not in "my timing".

None the less,  a lot of work, even more sunshine, a little rain and Whalaa! We have beautiful squash, and a few bitty green beans. My son picked the Green Pepper a little early but he was so proud of himself. He has been helping me every step of the way this year. It was been so very nice to have him enjoy it too. His little buttons were bursting as he carried the pepper back in the house.

So today I am going to savor my summer vegetables. Thanks to Renee for encouraging me to stop and enjoy the little moments in this wonderfully busy season!


  1. Wow, look at those veggies! Already!

  2. your squash is so nice and bumpy!