Friday, November 20, 2009

The stressed out woman!
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I stumbled upon this article while eating breakfast. It provoked thoughts that I have had for sometime. I have to agree with this article. I have been privileged to know many great moms. Some work full time out of the home, some work full time in the home, and others are SAHM's who work in the home for now monetary gain. They all are wonderful parents!

One thing that I have thought for a long time is that in our quest for Liberation we have finally gotten the right to do and be who we want to be. No matter if that is a corporate position or a humanitarian position. For many years it was an uphill fight and it still is difficult for some to attain equal recognition and pay. Even as a volunteer Site Administrator for a large Mommy site I see the power women have when they come together united for a specific cause. We are a force to be reckoned with.

I have also seen a down side to what our mother's generation (and the current one) fought so hard for. While we do have choice, we end up still taking on the role of doing the majority of raising the children, keeping the house, and running all the domestic things our parents did. We have the different tools to do that now, such as the drive-thru meal and stores being open late.

I have a wonderful husband, who helped out when I worked full-time out of the home. We share cleaning and life's responsibilities. However no matter how it was slanted. I took the heavier domestic load. I see so many of my mommy friends who work full-time "to make ends meet" and still come home to cook dinner and do the majority of the work. I think two main reasons for this is our social culture has not quite caught up. Many men try to help but honestly our culture does not expect men to come home and work the same. Women also nurture on different level so if it must get done, we will do it, regardless of the impact on ourselves.

I would not change history, our freedom and liberties as women are important. I am grateful to have the choice of staying home to keep the house or working (I know Many women don't have that option anymore, they have to work). I think more than anything our culture is having to catch up with our new way of life. A more equal sharing of responsibilities between men and women. I also think women need to stand up (or rather sit down once in a while) and say we are doing too much, and work just as hard to achieve balance of responsibilities as our mothers did to gain the liberties we have.

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