Friday, November 27, 2009

25 Days of Christmas

One tradition I have been working on for our family is The 25 Days of Christmas. I love Christmas so much and I want Andrew to enjoy the season too. It seems like the month of December takes over and passes by before you know it. So I set out to give us something small to do each day (mostly in the evenings as a family).

I cut each one out and put it in the Advent box we have. Each night one of us can pull one out. I didn't put everything we are doing in the boxes. We will march in the Kris Kringle parade and cut a tree and such but I wanted mostly hometime things that mommy, daddy, and Andrew could do together.

I also looked ahead to see who would be with us what days...and made them so guests could join in. We will see how it goes. I hope to put up a blog entry each day so Andrew's grandparents who can't be close by can enjoy the activites with him. Maybe it will bring them near just a little. I know they miss him terribly.

This is hopefully a way to bless my home with the true spirit of Christmas, engage my family, and get the most out of the holidays.

I made a list of everything we needed for these activities and put them in a basket so it is stress free for me. I just have to pull out the basket each night.

1st~ Get out the Manger Scene

2nd~ Tonight we will hang some
Twinkling lights

3rd~ Tonight we will read how
Mary said Yes to God

4th~ Lets make a Craft
Ask mommy & Daddy
for the rings

5th~ We will read about St. Nicholas
Who left coins just like these
for people in their shoes

6th~ Tonight we trim
the Christmas tree!

7th~ Lets String some Popcorn
& Cranberries

8th~Today we will bake
Christmas Cookies

9th~Lets play a Christmas
Game with Daddy!

10th~Lets decorate a Gingerbread house
together as a family

11th~Lets put up the outside
lights and turn them on!

12th~Story time tonight
Pick a Christmas book

13th~Lets watch a Christmas movie

14th~Lets make Cards for everyone
we love and mail them

15th~Ask Mommy for a special gift today

16th~Lets go see special lights tonight

17th~Light the candles and
turn out the lights
Its time to play a game!

18th~Sing Christmas songs and Dance!

19th~Lets Read about Mary and Joseph

20th~Lets make some holiday treats!

21st~ Make a Christmas Craft


23rd~ Share dinner with friends tonight!

24th~Here is a gift from mommy and Daddy
Lets hang out stocking and go to sleep

25th~Lets read about Baby Jesus' birth
and how he loved us so much

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